The Global Automotive Components Award

Choosing high-quality, reliable and most suitable car parts is, oddly enough, much more difficult than choosing the car itself. As a rule, when buying a car, personal preferences are what matters most. In terms of automotive components, it is not enough if you simply like the brand. In this case, we need to take into account the totality of expert opinions on both production and utilizing by service departments and end users. Long operational tests, laboratory studies, comparative analysis of the product features and parameters of the competitors' products can reveal the true quality of automotive parts and accessories. Unfortunately, it is in fact not uncommon for automotive components with objectively better properties to remain in the shadow of the products of companies whose marketing and pricing policies are more successful. We believe that the time has come to understand what is truly happening in this market segment, to give a real assessment of the world's automotive components, and to determine the best brands. It seems to us that an unbiased award would be the most suitable tool to achieve this goal. A full list of automotive component manufacturers, the open vote system, and a council of established experts are all parts of our Global Automotive Components Award.

Truth is our target

With this Award, we pursue our main goal, that is, to identify the true leaders in the automotive industry who produce car parts. In this regard, we offer a complete list of nominees where you can find relatively new market players with promising innovative projects along with the world-famous companies with many years of experience. The leaders will be determined using the open vote system.

We are open

In fact, it is important to not only see the real picture in the automotive components market, but also provide the information to the maximum number of car owners. We have chosen the most reputable and well-known information partners.

The global scale

The point here is not only that the Award is international and nominees represent different countries. The essence of the Award is that both voting and the outcome are available to the global community of car owners. Both manufacturers and consumers will feel the powerful potential of the Global Automotive Components Award in a single automotive space: being a winner in any of the nominations means global recognition.

Responsible attitude

We perfectly understand all the responsibility that lies with us in organizing and holding the Global Automotive Components Award. That is why we invite an expert council consisting of lead experts of the industry. The expert council is a guarantor of transparency in vote counting. The Award is an annual event: full-scale neutrality and accuracy of data and results are what allows us to hold this event looking in the eye of manufacturers, partners, and fellow professionals with pride and honesty. We wish good luck to all the nominees. Let the most worthy ones win!
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Application for participation

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