ST-KT is a news & analysis journal for businesses. Information basis of the publication are reviews and analytical articles, information from manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of construction and road machinery, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, equipment, components and spare parts. Designed for managers and engineering and technical personnel of enterprises

Target audience

CEOs and employees of manufacturers' companies, head officers of automobile enterprises, car plants, car maintenance centers, car shops, as well as owners of individual vehicles

Here are some figures

Format — A4 Circulation — 39,000 copies Periodicity — once in 2 months Volume — 76 pages


All information about the advertiser company is automatically placed on the magazine website. At the advertiser's request, the issue that contains the advertising will be sent to the addresses provided by the advertiser. The opportunity of posting an article about the advertiser company (we will provide a photographer and journalist). Monthly updates about companies that show interest in the advertiser company. This is stipulated in our activities to distribute the publication through a unique reader feedback system.


Listing fee


Volume in shares Size (mm) Cost, RUB (EUR)
1/1 215 x 275 144 000 (2 086)
1/2 215 x 13 81 000 (1 173)
1/3 73 x 275 78 000 (1 130)
1/4 96 x 126 43 300 (627)
1/8 96 x 61,5 23 000 (333)
Double-page spread (2 inside pages) 430 x 275 231 000 (3 347)
Super cover + bonus 410 x 275 317 600 (4 602)
Second cover + bonus 215 x 275 210 800 (3 055)
Third cover + bonus 215 x 275 173 250 (2 510)
Fourth cover + bonus 215 x 275 283 000 (4 101)


Performance requirements

Requirements for bitmap files Bitmap images will be accepted only as CMYK TIFF and CMYK EPS files. The files shouldn’t be compressed. Resolution of bitmap images shall be 250-300 dpi (600 dpi for Bitmap). Monochrome images will be accepted as TIFF (EPS) Grayscale or Bitmap files. Requirements for vector files Vector images created in Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand and CorelDraw should be saved as EPS files (export the image from CorelDraw to EPS Placeable, from FreeHand – to Macintosh EPS / EPS with TIFF Preview for PCs. Do not include FreeHand Document. In Adobe Illustrator you can save the file as Illustrator EPS). All colours must be in CMYK scheme. The fonts used in the layout should be converted to curves.

Discount for advertising frequency

Advertising frequency Discount
4-5 issues 10%
6 issues and more 15%
Article 20%



Dimensions of advertising modules

1/1 "for a bleed" 210 x 290 (+5 mm on each side)
1/1 186 x 258
1/2G* "for a bleed" 210 х 141,5 (+5 mm on each side)
1/2G* 186 x 127,5
1/2V* "for a bleed" 105,5 х 290 (+5 mm on each side)
1/2V* 91,5 х 258
1/3 "for a bleed" 74 х 290 (+5 mm on each side)
1/3 60 х 258
1/4 G* "for a bleed" 210 х 76,25 (+5 mm on each side)
1/4 G* 186 х 62,25
1/4 V* 91,5 х 127,5
1/8 91,5 х 62,25
* - H/V (horizontal / vertical layout)


Mobile versions

Mobile version of the magazine "ST-KT.RU. Special vehicles and commercial vehicles" allows you to quickly and fully familiarize yourself with the contents of any of the published issue. It covers a huge audience of smartphone users of the entire range of brands represented on the market, provoking a huge interest among all those who are somehow connected with road transport, construction or working in other areas of special equipment. Сausing great interest among all those who in one way or another connected with the trucking, construction or working in other areas of the use of special machinery. Monthly more than 18 thousand users download for free on their mobile devices the magazine "ST-KT.RU. Special Machinery and Commercial Vehicles », and their number is growing every month.

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